Sunday, 11 August 2013

August Wishlist


I know that it is part way through the month already but here are some of the things I have been mouthwatering lusting over for the last of the summer. 

Combat boots- These beautiful shoes are from forever 21, which is a site I don't usually go on, as I find it so hard to navigate because there is so many products meaning that I give up after a few pages, however when I was looking for some new autumn boots these caught my eye, they have the simplicity I was after and are ridiculously cheap! 

Shorts- These shorts are a stunning acid wash which is to die for, they are high waisted and a perfect colour for the end of summer, these beauties will carry you through into autumn as the denim isn't too light... plus they just look mint. 

Jumper- Okay, this jumper just screams my name, I mean lemon yellow (favourite colour/summery shade) and a lace hem- what's not to love?

Oxfords- Aren't these just the cutest shoes ever?! They are kind of outgoing but I think paired with a white lace skater dress it would make such a lovely summer outfit- only issue is the $148 dollar price tag, aka keep dreaming Emeli! 

Ear cuffs- These are from asos and are a little steep for some earrings, but they look so classy and can be worn in any season.

Collar- Silver? Check. Spikes? Check. Love? Yes. 

Hope you are enjoying your summer. Love Emeli x

Friday, 26 July 2013

Dream Topshop Outfit

Hey lovelies!

Imagine if you had unlimited money to spend in Topshop to create any outfit of your choice... it would be heaven! With that in mind I have created an outfit where all the items are from Topshops Online store. 

In my dream outfit I have tried to stick to three main colours, these being white, gold and pink. As I was browsing through the website I came across this adorable marshmallow midi skirt and instantly fell in love, obviously it's a very daring skirt so I made the rest of the outfit quite classy and elegant. By using these pale colours it makes the outfit very summery and versatile. I feel that the white top with it's detailed rose gold and yellow gold collar set the theme for the rest of the outfit, I feel the metallic trend would look lovely paired with the skirt so I added rose gold sling back pumps, a gold cat ring (so cute!) and a gold chain detailed clutch. This outfit is quite pricey however I think it would be lovely for a ladies day, the races or even a wedding!

What would your perfect outfit be?

Love Emeli x

Thursday, 25 July 2013

July Wishlist

I know it's a little late but these are the things I'm lusting over for July. I love the colour block bag and I think it just screams summer, I'm looking for a new pale bag, but I like this one as it has a pop of pink. I think this white and pink sarong from Topshop is lovely as it can be both a scarf or a dress. Shoes, what can I say they are gorgeous Jeffrey Campbell's they can be such a classy yet subtle addition to an outfit. The pale mint green Essie polish looks to fresh, so I think I may have to give in and buy it!

What are you lusting over this summer? 

Love Emeli x 

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

St Michaels Mount* Cornwall


Long time no see, because of exams, trips and just general dilemmas blogging has taken a back seat in my life theses last months, as my personal life does come first. On another note how lush has this recent weather been?! I'm in love, it's so rare that you can walk outside with a skirt with no tights and just a vest top without getting odd looks!It's been lovely hanging out with my friends at the river or gong for meals or anything in this sunshine, I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have. 

So onto the post, I recently went to Cornwall with my Mum and sister and my favourite place to visit is St Michaels mount, basically you get a boat to a little island with a few shops,caf├ęs and a castle. Being the rebels that we are myself and my family wanted to walk back through the sea, as it usually has a pathway, but the tide wasn't in so we just walked straight through the sea because yolo. ;)

Here's so photos from throughout the day;

Sorry for the photo heavy post! It was kind of wet but humid on the day I visited as my hair is a frizzy mess! If you go to cornwall this summer do go check it out it is such a lovely little place and is well worth the visit! 

Shirt-Primark-Jeggings Newlook- Shoes- Office-Bag- Republic

Love Emeli x

Ps. Check out my haul on YouTube here.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Collective Fashion Haul- YouTube

Hey Lovelies! 
It's been forever since I last posted but I did have an excuse, as I've been busy with exams and therefore have been to tired to than do posts! This week is mock week, so I have exams but they don't really count! Instead of doing the average post, I've decided to do a YouTube fashion haul It's a little different, but I hope you like it, if so please describe and tell me if you would like me to do more things such as YouTube videos!
This was filmed a few weeks ago so I have bought quite a big more since filming it, so I may do a separate post? Over the next few weeks posts may be less frequent as I have quite a lot on and I wont always be near a computer! So bare with me!

Thanks for watching! 

Emeli x

Thursday, 23 May 2013

General Update

I haven't done a proper blog post in a long time, due to revision, homework and exams. I can't wait till summer when I can begin to post more regularly and do things like outfit post, arts and crafts and DIY's! Anyway on to a general catch up...

These are just a few photos I have taken over the last few weeks, it varies from selfies, to nail polish, to me organising my beauty shelf:) I'm not going to write much so let the pictures do the talking! 

Emeli x